Altar Boy. Paper Boy. Dishwasher. Cook. Butcher. Waiter. Salesman. Waiter again. BATMAN movie liaison. Gallery Curator. Account Executive. Creative Director.

Sailor, fly-fisherman, biker, hiker, fast driver, adventurer, kayaker.

Kicked ass and took names at Warner Bros. Worldwide Creative before starting own creative agency. Merged agencies in 2008.

Focused on dramatically growing client business and value. Draws upon a wealth of contacts and experience in related areas. Surrounded by diverse minds with unique creative perspectives, offering clients invaluable solutions with other ideas.


UK born and raised, quirky sense of humor, super-organized. Owned a recording studio, launched a creative department for music clients.

Moved to America in 2001. Lived on both coasts. Founded a successful boutique agency. Merged agencies in 2008, combining complimentary skills into a unique team.

Visual awareness, musical sensibility, real business experience, and intuitive design skills mix to offer clients brilliant ideas, clearly communicated. You are in very capable hands.

Daily runner, cyclist, hiker, singer, songwriter, musician, dog lover, rescue advocate, happiest running with Ruby and Blue, rescued Aussies.

ELEVATOR PITCH:  We’re really good at what we do.


We’re inspired, generous and approachable. We’ll work with you in whichever way makes the best sense to get winning results, because we’re committed to helping you win.

Brands have to thrive and evolve, and technology constantly moves the landscape. The impact of design on culture and business is fascinating to us, and we think brand creative and design strategy are relevant and more powerful than ever before.

We don’t dazzle with methodology charts and mission statements, and we don’t confuse activity with accomplishment, or deliver you fluff. Instead, we cut right to the chase. Our work is pure and organic; we’re a happy team of agile creative brains with diverse talents.

The bottom line is this: every business regardless of size or industry, benefits from developing their communications with a branding perspective. This creates an alignment and tangible value. It shapes consumer perceptions. We can give your brand this dimension, and bring you to a higher ground. We’ll show you how.

Other Ideas works with all types of clients from startups to iconic brands, collaborating with ideas, creative and strategy. We are also open to partnering with other like-minded idea agencies, whenever its fun and a good fit. Give us a shout.


We work pro-bono for non-profits who don’t have the resources to pay a professional agency. We’re real passionate about helping out however we can. Read more about our recent work for the Doggy Hydeaway Rescue Rehab here.