We’re licensing design and style guide specialists with decades of experience at every level. This niche skill requires specific expertise to maximize brand reach. We help you traverse shifting landscapes of culture, technology and the global marketplace. Great licensed brands are built on well-laid foundations of strong creative and agile design strategies. We can navigate this unique business like no other agency.

LICENSORS: we can help you through the entire process, from development to delivery, including targeted programs and asset management. We create comprehensive style guides for application of your intellectual property. We can also help by coordinating with licensees on submissions, approvals, product development, packaging, promotions, and pull it all together for your retail launches.

LICENSEES: from BATMAN to ANGRY BIRDS, we’ve worked with many of the world’s iconic licensed brands and know the drill. We streamline from concept to launch, saving real time and real money. We create harmony with complex licensor processes, assisting you with development, presentations, and retail launches. We’ll plug you into invaluable industry connections throughout the whole process.

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